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Q: from whom to buy updates after a year of use, for obdprog codify m501 eu version? written costs 149 usd, but where to buy is not clear
A: Hi, we're the authority OBDPROG distributor, can supply the update fee service for OBDPROG M501. Please contact us.
Answered by OBDZON on Dec-23 2021
Q: Will this program mercedes benz keys from 2003 to 2009? I have a 2003 SL500 and a 2009 E-350.
A: OBDPROG M501 can't program mercedes benz keys for a 2003 SL500 and a 2009 E-350.
Answered by OBDZON on Nov-3 2021
Q: Hi, will the OBDPROG Codify Monster 501 program KVM and keys for Range Rover Evoque sd4 2013? Thank you
A: Sir, OBDPROG Codify Monster 501 can support program keys for Range Rover Evoque sd4 2013, not support program KVM.
Answered by OBDZON on Oct-8 2021
Q: Ciao lo strumento può leggere eeprom salvarlo e scriverlo ?
A: Puoi dirmi il modello e l'anno di rilascio della tua auto?
Answered by OBDZON on Sep-17 2021
Q: do i have to update it every year? how much would it cost if i didnt update it for 2 years then wanted to update it? can i still use it if i do not update it after the 1st year?
A: Upgrade fee: 149USD/Year, If you do not pay the upgrade fee after 12 months, the device can still be used. It's just that the software cannot be upgraded, and the latest updated models and functions cannot be used.
Answered by OBDZON on Apr-7 2021

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