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Q: Can you use it right then do you have to have an app with it. my Ed Holland
A: It can be used directly when you receive it.
Answered by OBDZON on Nov-16 2022
Q: Good morning I have an AUDI Q7 2015 and one of the four brake pad sensors is not working properly will this OBD reader point out which of the sensors is not working? Thank you.
A: Thank you for contacting us. We recommend the full system diagnostic scanner to do this function, such as a Foxwell NT624 Elite or Foxwell NT510 Elite.
Answered by OBDZON on Oct-12 2022
Q: Will this detect AWD fault Porsche 911 2017
A: Could you please send us the VIN about your Porsche 911 2017 and the detailed functions you need to check? And then we will ask the technician to check for you, which will save you time and money.
Answered by OBDZON on Aug-28 2022
Q: Does the scanner detect speed sensor failure
A: Could you please tell us your car's specific model, release year, and which function do you need? Then we will check with the engineer.
Answered by OBDZON on Jul-3 2022
Q: Will this code reader relearn camshaft position sensor
A: No, FOXWELL NT614 Elite doesn't have relearn camshaft position sensor function.
Answered by OBDZON on Mar-9 2022
Q: Will the FOXWELL NT614 Elite Car OBD2 Scanner Transmission Engine ABS Airbag Code Reader EPB Tool with Oil Light Reset Diagnostic Tool work for my 97 GMC Serria
A: Could you send me the VIN of your car,and tell me the engine capacity of this car.they can help me to recommend you the product?
Answered by OBDZON on Mar-3 2022
Q: Can this unit execute the abs bleeding function
A: No, NT614 Elite doesn't support execute the abs bleeding function.
Answered by OBDZON on Feb-28 2022
Q: Will it show transmission fluid temperature
A: Yes, NT614 elite can show transmission fluid temperature.
Answered by OBDZON on Feb-27 2022
Q: How many pins in the connecter cable
A: It's 16 PINS Cable.
Answered by OBDZON on Feb-20 2022
Q: Will this read 94 and 95 cars
A: Hi, FOXWELL NT614 elite do not support 1994 and 1995 cars
Answered by OBDZON on Dec-20 2021
Q: Does the Foxwell NT614 test battery and the Alternator
A: Sir, Foxwell NT614 do not support test battery and the Alternator
Answered by OBDZON on Oct-8 2021
Q: Will this work on Mitsubishi montero 2005
A: The foxwell ne614e work on Mitsubishi montero 2005,you can use the menu of UP TO 2005MY
Answered by OBDZON on Sep-6 2021
Q: Bonjour est ce que FOXWELL NT614 Elite est compatible avec MINI COOPER R50 1.6 116cv de 2003 Si oui peut on avec faire un diagnostique complet moteur abs direction et surtout peut on diagnostiquer sa boîte de vitesses automatique CVT lire et ef
A: The foxwell ne614e can compatible with MINI COOPER R50 1.6 116cv from 2003,and just support four system,the basic functions
Answered by OBDZON on Sep-2 2021
Q: Is a 2016 VW Jetta supported by your scanner
A: The FOXWELL NT614E can support read traction data , speed sensors and read a abs code on a 2016 VW jetta
Answered by OBDZON on Jul-18 2021

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