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Q: Can I read codes on a 2007 Internatiol 4300 with a dt466 engine Can I turn on abs for brake bleeding Air in abs system
A: Sorry, ANCEL X6HD not support. Could you please tell us what's your ABS brand?
Answered by OBDZON on May-11 2022
Q: I have a couple questions can I do a western star with this program. Also can I do a force region on my 2016 Ford F3 50 with the 6.7 L turbo diesel
A: ANCEL X6 HD only can support your cars to do basic functions,but can't support do program and force region
Answered by OBDZON on Nov-15 2021
A: What is the western star, could you send me the brand,model,release year of your car (western star)
Answered by OBDZON on Nov-15 2021
Q: what features are supported for detroit diesel bendix and wabco
A: Could you send me the brand ,model,release year of your cars,I will check for you
Answered by OBDZON on Nov-15 2021
Q: Will it do Regeneration on Volvo Semi truck up to 2018 and or freight liners up to 2018 like Kenworth
A: Ancel X6 HD does not support DPF, supports basic diagnosis.
Answered by OBDZON on Oct-8 2021
Q: Will it support anything else other than the engine on the stralis euro 6
A: Hi sir. It depends on the car release year.
Answered by OBDZON on Jun-29 2021
Q: Hi will support an iveco stralis 2015 460 tractor unit
A: Hi Sir. Ancel X6 HD can support engine of EURO 6.
Answered by OBDZON on Jun-28 2021

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